AVCS - Admiralty Vector Chart Service



The Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) brings together Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) from national Hydrographic offices around the world and new ENC coverage produced by UKHO in co-operation with Foreign Governments to provide comprehensive, official, worldwide coverage.

Continuous Enhancement

AVCS meets customer requirements for a comprehensive, world-wide, full carriage compliant electronic chart service. AVCS continues to develop in response to customer feedback through an ongoing programme of enhancements. Full details of planned enhancements are available on the 'Future Enhancements' tab.


The Admiralty Vector Chart Service only contains ENC data that meets Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Carriage Requirements for use within Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).


UKHO has instituted a programme of assessment by its professional cartographers where the content of the ENC is compared to the equivalent Admiralty paper chart. Any navigationally significant discrepancies identified are then investigated and resolved with the producing nation. No other electronic chart service offers this level of reassurance.


Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) are digital vector charts produced to the International Hydrographic Organization's (IHO's) standards (S57 Version 3.1 and ENC Product Specification). They are referred to World Geodetic System 1984 Datum (WGS84) and are regularly updated with official update information distributed digitally.


AVCS licences are for a 12 month period, within which you will hold an AVCS media pack, containing world-wide AVCS data, receive weekly updates to the AVCS data set and have access to online updates through the Admiralty Updating Service. Within the licence period, AVCS Folios and ENC Units can be added for periods of three, six, nine or twelve months, where data supply agreements allow. This offers maximum choice and the flexibility to match your chart holdings to your operational patterns.


AVCS includes remote updating software, the Admiralty Updating Service, free of charge. The software can be used to obtain immediate updates to your ENC data, either directly over the Internet or by email, anywhere in the world, at anytime. The service also allows the mariner to actively manage their data holdings with the download of voyage-specific updates, minimising transmission costs for vessels at sea.

An information log is automatically maintained for the Officer of the Watch to ensure continuity during crew changes. All updates are hosted on a secure server and are encrypted and digitally signed to ensure that they are authentic and uncorrupted when you receive them.

Updates to ENC data within AVCS are also supplied weekly on CD as standard, ensuring that every AVCS customer has a complete and up to date set of data on board, with the option to easily access additional data if required.

The Admiralty Digital Catalogue is included free of charge within AVCS.